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Colorado is one of the dryer states in the nation. Due to Colorado’s dry conditions, dust typically remains airborne before being drawn into your ventilation system. Most indoor dust originates outdoors or from remodel projects. The dust in your home is comprised of pet hair, pollen, mold, dead skin shed by people, and furniture fibers.

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Air flows through your home continuously, being recycled through your air ducts each time. Inevitably, dust will bypass your filter and find its way onto your furniture and belongings. This is because particles of dust and debris that capture allergens stick to the interior of your air ducts. Periodic maintenance is essential to continuing efficient operation of your air conditioning system. Gekko Powerclean offers regular maintenance and cleaning to keep your HVAC system operating exceptionally.

Westminster Colorado Dryer vent cleaningGekko Powerclean’s air duct cleaning service redefines home health. We eliminate dirt, dust, and microbial growth from your ductwork, improving your indoor air quality without the need for heavy, truck-based equipment. Ductwork is regularly the source of dust and biological contaminants within your home. It is not uncommon for pounds of dirt to be hidden in your air ducts. Buildup of that level results in millions of dirt, dust, and allergenic particles collecting in your ductwork.

After our service, you will notice a difference in the cleanliness of your home, purity of your air and the savings on your power bills.

Dryer Vent Cleaning for a Safer Denver, CO Home

As you use your dryer, lint buildup will occur on your dryer vent exhaust. The result is restricted airflow which will increase the length of dryer cycles and reduce drying efficiency. Completely clogged dryer exhausts cause increased power bills and rapidly decrease the lifetime of your dryer.

Finally, a clogged dryer vent possesses an exceptional risk of a dryer fire.  After the lint has collected in the vent, it traps heat generated by the dryer’s heating element. This heat is enough to catch the lint on fire. In some cases, the lint is so congested that it catches on the dryer element itself. A routine inspection and cleaning are your only proactive protections against such a threat.

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Westminster Colorado Dryer vent cleaningRemove Your Asthma Triggers with a Furnace Cleaning Near Denver, CO

Does anyone in your household suffer from allergies or asthma? Are you taking any steps to reduce your exposure to indoor allergens? By focusing on indoor air quality, parents of children with asthma can remove many of the common indoor environmental factors that trigger asthma. For decades Gekko Powerclean has served Colorado by doing just that!

Prevent Mold with Duct Cleaning Near Denver, CO

Most people live in their homes unaware that their breathing problems, allergies, and asthma are caused by airborne mold spores blown all throughout their house by their own air and heating system. When mold spores land on something wet indoors they can cause allergic illness, trigger asthma, or lead to respiratory infections. Common symptoms are red and itchy watery eyes, skin rashes, wheezing, nasal and sinus irritation, and rash.

Let Our Duct Cleaners Remove Pollen from Your Denver, CO Home

Pollen is one of the most common allergens in the U.S. Over 67 million people suffer from allergies, and of those 67 million, 81% say they are allergic to pollen. Various trees, grasses, and weeds create pollen, which can cause hay-fever, irritate your sinus passages, cause rhinitis, and irritate your eyes and skin.

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